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Buy Arabian Dates Online (Khajur) At The Best Price In India

GetMyDates is one the best stores to buy Arabian dates online. You can come across an assortment of premium quality, chewy, and caramel-flavoured Arabian dates at GetMyDates at the best price in India. Whether you desire to taste the delicacy of Medjool dates, Safawi or Kalmi Dates, Khenaizi dates, or Ajwa dates sourced from the Arabian Peninsula; you have landed at the right place. Buy khajoor online from our store at the most competitive rate and indulge yourself in the royal delight of authentic dates anytime and anywhere in India. For the best quality and nutrient-rich dates syrup online, consider only GetMyDates without a second thought.  

What Are The Health Benefits Of Dates?

Dates are one of the healthiest snacks for everyone and now you can buy Khajoor online with quality assurance from If you are a dates adorer and love chucking dates on the go, it is time to find out how dates add benefits to health. 

  • Improves Your Digestion because dates are rich in fiber and fiber helps to improve digestive and gut health preventing constipation.  
  • Adds nutrients to your body including potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, iron, and sodium. 
  • Dates are good sources of Vitamin C, so they are good for skin, hair, and nails.
  • Promotes heart health, bone health, and brain health as dates have higher nutrient levels compared to other fruits.
  • Good for pregnant ladies and even for diabetes patients. 
  • Works amazingly for weight management diet regimes and improving red blood cell levels for anemic patients. 

This versatile fruit can be added as a sugar alternative to many dishes including pickles, fruit salad, pudding, custards, and everyday backed items including cakes, cockies, biscuits, and fudges.

Why Should You Buy Dates Online At GetMyDates?

GetMyDates is a flagship brand under the parent company Offspring Exim Pvt. Ltd. This platform caters to the demand for the royal delicacy of Arabian, Moroccan, and Al-Madina dates to customers from PAN India at the best price ever. Apart from reasonable prices, there are more reasons to buy dates online from GetMyDates. These are, 

  • The wide availability of Dates stuffed with fruits and nuts including almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. 
  • You can buy dates in bulk or buy only a single pack of delicacies from our store. 
  • We provide premium-quality and fresh dates originating in and sourced from the Arabian Peninsula and Northern African region. 
  • You follow all safety guidelines to pack and deliver dates to esteemed customers’ locations guided by FSSAI.

Get your hands on Kalmi, Ajwa, Medjool, Khenaizi, Khalas, and fresh Barhi dates when GetMyDates is just one click away. 


People Also Ask

What is Dates Syrup?

Dates syrup is a thick, sweet, caramel-flavored, and dark brown liquid made from original dates. It is also known as dates molasses. You can buy original and rich in taste dates syrup online from 

What is the especially of Safawi Dates?

Safawi dates commonly originated in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern regions. These dates are deep black and renowned for their caramel-like flavor. You can buy original Safawi Saudi Arabian dates online at 

Where Can I Buy a Khajur Gift Box with a Variety of Options?

You can buy Khajoor of premium quality stuffed with dry fruit delicacies like golden roasted almonds, hazel nuts, roasted cashews, and other dry fruits from You can also shop for Khajur gift boxes in different sizes and varieties here. 

Are Arabian Dates Available at Budget-Friendly Prices at GetMyDates Authentic?

GetMyDates sells only authentic and finest quality dates which are sourced from renowned dates firms of the Arabinan Peninsula, Al-Madina, and other Middle Eastern and North African regions. Our budget-friendly Dubai Khajur price does not compromise quality or taste. 

How Are Dates Gifts Boxes Packed for Shipping and Presentation?

GetMyDates abides by all the food safety and preservation rules stated by FSSAI. We carry out every process to ensure the best and safest packing of dates available here for regular eating and occasionally gifting purposes. We guarantee food safety during shipping. 

For How Long I Can Preserve the Arabian Dates Gift Boxes if I Order in Bulk?

Whether you buy a single pack of dates gift boxes or order in bulk, you should check the manufacturing date to know how long you can preserve. In general, when you buy Moroccan or Arabian dates online gift boxes, you can preserve them for 6 months to 1 year at maximum. 

Which Dates Are Famous as the King of Dates and Why?

Medjool dates are found in jumbo sizes and the size goes up to 3 inches. Due to such jumbo size, Medjool dates are known as the King of Dates. You can buy these dates from GetMyDates easily. 

If I Shop for Bulk Dubai Khajur from GetMyDates, Will I Get a Discount?

To know whether you can avail of discounts on Dubai Khajur prices or not when you want to shop in bulk, you can contact GetMyDates directly. You can call them at +91-6290786661 to know more.