About Us

Dates are Natural Sweetener and are considered as the OLDEST cultivated fruit in the World. The benefits of Date are well proven with modern scientific research and analysis and same is also recommended from ancient time through Multi-religious scriptures.

We at GetMyDates create innovative, delightful and superior experiences with God’s bounty - “Date Fruit” - the Wonder fruit of Nature - to promote healthy life style by providing nutrition of wide range products that can evolve energy, health and beauty of mankind. 

Our flagship brand “GetMyDates” is started under parent company Offspring Exim Pvt. Ltd. to cater the demand of quality products from this Healthy Superfood.  

We directly source the best quality dates across world renowned firms of Arabian Peninsula and each handcrafted delicious product is prepared by our expert Artesian Chef with love and enthusiasms and wrap it up with deep respect in our sustainable fresh beautiful packages.  

We wrap our products individually to maintain the best hygiene care and also remain fresh to our esteemed customers. Our products are 100% Vegetarian, Single byte delight, On-the-go or Beautiful Gift to love ones.