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Buy Khajoor Online at Low Prices

Now shop for only the finest quality, refined, and handpicked khajoor online that originated in Al-Madina, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, and the Arabian Peninsula at low prices from GetMyDates.com. All our dates undergo a thorough quality-checking process before we deliver to you. If you want to buy khajoor online with premium quality, taste, soft texture, and freshness guaranteed, GetMyDates is the best online store to shop on at comparatively low prices.  You can buy dates online with a variety including pitted khajoors, black and white choco-covered dates, and dates stuffed with golden roasted almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and dry fruits at exclusively reasonable prices. You can buy dates with fruit and nut delicacies in single-piece packs. 

How to Choose The Best Quality Khajoor

Choosing the best quality Khajoor online seems easy if you follow a few tips. Let us discuss the tips over here, 

  • Purity & Freshness: Check for the purity of the dates over anything. Make sure the dates are plumpy and glossy.
  • Origin: Do check for the places where the khajoor is cultivated. The places should be Saudi Arabia, Iran, Morocco, Al-Madina, Tunisia, Jordan, and so on. 
  • Texture: Take a look at the texture of the khajoor. If the dates look dull and overly dry; avoid shopping the same. 
  • Price: Look at the price before you buy khajoor online. It should be easy on your pocket and rich in quality. 

Buying the best quality plain, pitted, and chocolate khajoor is easy and affordable now as GetMyDates is here to cater to your healthy snacking needs.

Dates have Numerous Health Benefits

True it is. Dates are very nutritional and rich in taste. Anyone can munch on dates and even patients with diabetes, anemia, digestive issues, and constipation can consume dates regularly. More or less, we are all aware of the numerous health benefits of dates and we can sum up the health benefits of plain and/or chocolate khajoor welcoming

  • Better heart health
  • Good for skin, eyes, hair, and nails
  • Less chances of blood clotting 
  • Improves brain, bone, and muscle health 
  • Aids to better digestion, gut health, and metabolism 
  • Sources antioxidants, vitamins (B6 and C), iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and dietary fiber to the body. 
  • Aids to maintain a healthy weight loss program. 

You can shop for the best in quality and handpicked dates chocolate, pitted dates, and stuffed/plain dates online at GetMyDates.com. 

Different Ways to Include Dry Dates in Your Diet

Dates are versatile. You can eat them with or without anything. Let us take a glance at ways you can add scrumptious, juicy, creamy, caramel-flavoured, and natural sweeteners in dishes. 

  • Chutney & Pickles: You can add dry and pitted dates in chutneys and pickles to make them super rich in nutrients and taste. 
  • Smoothies and Shakes: Whether it is a milkshake, morning/evening, or a weight loss smoothie; chop dates finely and add them.  You add fruits and yogurt to your health beverages. 
  • Energy Bars, Cookies & Cakes: If you love to make these items at your home then you can include dry, plumpy, soft, and super tasty dates easily. 
  • Desserts: To prepare healthy and tasty desserts at home, dry dates can be the staple option. 

Contact GetMyDates.com to buy dry dates online at the best price. 

Why GetMyDates

Sourcing - Directly the best quality Dates across world renowned firms of Arabian Peninsula.

Creating - Innovative, delightful and superior experiences with the Wonder fruit - Dates, Nuts and premium chocolates.

Preparing - Each order with love and enthusiasms and wrap it up with deep respect in our sustainable and hygienic packages.

Delivering –Individually wrapped, 100% Vegetarian, Single bite delight, On-the-go or Beautiful Gift Pack to loved ones to promote Healthy life style by providing wide nutrition and Taste that can evolve health and beauty of mankind.

Customizing - Our esteemed Customers can order custom Gift Boxes as per choice from Wide Range of Products - Dates Chocolate, Filled Dates or Plain Dates in a single box.

People Also Ask

Why Should I Buy Khajoor Online When I Can Buy Khajoor from Nearby Stores?

If you want to buy only premium quality and high nutritional value-added dates that are sourced from Middle Eastern countries and North African regions, you can avail of such dates only online. GetMyDates is one of the best online stores to buy soft, authentic, chewy texture, and dry dates online. Here you get delicious and finest quality dates that offline stores hardly provide. 

Does GetMyDates Offer Cash-on-Delivery Options?

No, GetMyDates does not offer Cash On Delivery (COD) Options. Dates are perishable products and carry a risk for a seller. A customer may deny or not be available to pay at the time of delivery. Thus, to prevent such risks; especially when we deliver perishable, we allow online payment options to our customers and ensure a happy experience to buy dates online. 

How Do I Know My Order Has Been Accepted and Confirmed?

Once you decide to buy dates online from GetMyDates.com whether it is dates chocolate, plain khajoor, or pitted dates, you need to make payment online first. Once the payment is made successfully, you will receive a payment confirmation mail in your email ID. The package is dispatched within 2 days in general, and you will receive a tracking link for your order once the package is dispatched.

Can I Place an Order for Assorted Dates Items with a Single Order?

Yes, you are free to buy as many items as you want with a single order placement. Here at GetMyDates, you can buy plain khajoor, stuffed khajoor with fruits and nuts, chocolate khajoor, and so on with a single order. You are free to choose the quantity and pack as many as you want to buy. 

Do You People Offer Pick-Up Option?

Yes, we offer the ‘Pick Up’ option. If you don’t want to go for the doorstep delivery option and feel it is convenient to pick up your items from our store at Ultadanga, Kolkata, you are most welcome. This way you can save on shipping charges and get the item directly from our store. 

What is Barhi Dates Online?

Barhi dates are unripe dates and they are sourced from Jordon. They are sweet and offer a butterscotch candy-like texture. You can easily avail of premium quality and fresh and juicy Barhi dates at GetMyDates.com. To buy khajoor online including Safawi, Ajwa, Medjool, Kalmi, Arabian, Al-Madina, Moroccan, and Kheniji, and fresh Khalas Arabian plain or pitted khajoor, choose Getmydates without a single doubt. 

  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Licensed

  • International Quality and Safety Standards Certified ISO 22000:2018

  • HALAL Certified

  • Certified to Keep food safe from biological, chemical and physical food hazards

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