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Now buy exclusively handpicked and the finest quality dates for gift purposes at comparatively low prices from GetMyDates. Pay a visit to our online shop for premium quality Arabian, Moroccan, and Al-Madina dates at amazing deals. Shop for royal dates cultivated in Middle Eastern regions and indulge in the delicacy of rich, chewy, caramel-flavored, and choco-coated dates at the best price ever in Kolkata, India. A whole range of dates gift boxes regardless of the occasion is available online now. Whether you want dates gift stuffed with fruit and nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and/or cashews coated with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, GetMyDates is the best online shop to buy gift box dates for you and your loved ones. 


People Also Ask

How Long I Can Preserve a Khajoor Gift Pack Box?

You can preserve a Khajoor gift pack for up to 6 months from the date of its manufacturing. Just shift the khajoor to an airtight container and store the container in a cool and dry place. 

Can I Provide Khajur to My Young Kids Which I Will Buy from GetMyDates?

Yes, all the khajur packs sold on are premium quality dates and they are sourced from Middle Eastern Countries. So, they are rich in nutrients and good to use as kids’ snacks.

What are the Beauty Benefits of Khajoor?

If you consume 3 to 4 khajoor every day, you can have healthier hair and skin. You can buy a stuffed dates gift box to munch dates with healthy nuts. 

Why is Dates Considered Good For Weight Loss Plan?

You can buy and offer a dates gift box to your friend struggling to lose weight. Because dates are low in calories and fat they are good for weight loss diet plans.

What Makes a Dates Gift Box a Unique Gift Option?

When you present a khajoor dates gift box to anyone, you offer him/her a gift of joy that is full of healthy and tasty snacks including dates, dry fruits, and nuts. A healthy gift box is always a unique choice.