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Which Kinds Of Dates Are Used To Produce Gourmet Filled Dates?

Pitted or seedless dates are used to produce gourmet-filled dates. If it is a pack of dates with cashew nuts or roasted almond nuts, you will find nuts in the place of seeds inside the dates. 

How Much Healthy Option It Is To Present A Hazelnut Dates Gourmet Box? 

Dates and hazelnuts both are healthy for the digestive system, bones, and teeth. So, you can certainly gift a hazelnut dates box to your loved one irrespective of occasion as a healthy gourmet present. 

Why Do Arabian Choco Dates Contain Less Sugar?

In general, Arabian dates are natural sweeteners. When you buy Arabian Delights choco dates instead of milk chocolate dates, you consume very little sugar because dark chocolates contain higher cocoa and very little sugar.

Is it Safe to Buy Dates Gourmet Gift Boxes from GetMyDates?

Yes, we sell only FASSI and ISO 22000-2018 certified products at our online store. Whatever the gourmet filled dates gift box you choose here, you are assured to have only premium quality, vegetarian, and NON-GMO items at the best price. 

Do You Accept the Return Request on the Gourmet Dates Boxes?

No, once the products are sold, a return/exchange is not accepted. Because all our gourmet dates boxes come under perishable items and once we deliver the boxes, exchange or return requests cannot be accepted.